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Ushio Indiglow 3000677 F18T8BLB 18W LED T8 Blacklight Fluorescent

As LED T8 bulbs have increased in popularity, it has become harder to find fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent blacklight bulbs are no exception as not many vendors stock them and no LED options have been available. That is until now, as the Ushio Indiglow LED T8 lamp is available to replace 30W and 32W blacklight fluorescent lamps […]

5 Ways to Retrofit Highbays to LED

Type C LED Retrofit on highbays

One of the most common applications you will come across with retrofitting lighting to LED is the highbay. It might be a 400W metal halide highbay fixture in a warehouse, or a 6-lamp T5 fixture at a hockey rink. There are countless styles of traditional lighting fixtures used as highbays, and there are just as […]

Airport Hangar Lighting Case Study: 400W HID to 130W LED Highbay

Customer Profile: Since the merger of Page AvJet and Butler Aviation in 1992, Signature Flight Support has grown to become the world’s largest network of Fixed Base Operations (FBOs). With over 200 locations providing consistent, exceptional service, Signature’s worldwide network of FBOs delivers essential support services for business and private aviation, including refueling, hangarage, maintenance, […]

TCP The Good Life Warm Dim LED Filament Bulbs

TCP Good Life LED Filament Lamps are the ultimate solution for mimicking the look and behavior of the traditional incandescent. They combine the LED filament style with the warm dimming capabilities of the TCP Allusion Series. This warm dimming technology allows the lamps to dim down from 3200 Kelvin down to an ultra warm 1800 […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Indoor Race Track LED Retrofit

Customer Profile: At ProKART Burnsville, our RiMO EVO6 Race Karts are run on power-boosting, low-emission, renewable methanol for a true racing experience. Complete with a dual-circuit hydraulic brake system, adjustable seats, weight compensation system, and more, we know you’ll be blown away with their consistency and performance. Experienced pro or first-time driver, there’s something for […]

Keystone FutureFit LED Troffer DoorFrame 2×2 2×4 Retrofit Kits

Keystone continues their FutureFit line with the new LED DoorFrame Troffer Retrofit Kit. These are commercial grade retrofit kits with a contemporary design that can be used to upgrade 2×2 and 2×4 recessed fixtures without modifying the fixture housing. Install is smooth, as the video at the bottom attests. They are also compatible with Keystone SmartSafe […]