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High Ceiling Church LED Lighting Solution

LED for high ceiling application

Anyone familiar with sanctuary lighting at a church is aware of the variables that can make it a tough application. Accessing the lighting high above is not only difficult but a tenuous situation for maintenance personnel. Gigantic lifts need to be hauled in and many times even the pews need to be moved. This takes time […]

That Light Bulb Cost How Much?

That light bulb cost HOW much?!

In our recent blog Commercial Grade vs. Residential Grade Lighting Products, we mentioned that we often get our prices compared to the big box stores. In that article we discussed the difference between residential and commercial grade product and to sum it up, you get what you pay for. But for those who still are […]

Maxlite FlatMAX™ Edge Lit LED Panel Fixtures

Maxlite Edge Lit LED Flat Panel Fixture

FlatMAX™ Edge Lit LED Panels from Maxlite are generally used to replace 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent fixtures. Their flat design allows them to be laid in drop ceilings in offices, schools, healthcare and other commercial applications. FlatMAX fixtures are fully dimmable and are compatible with motion sensors, timers, daylight harvesting systems and other control methods. The light they […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Retrofitting Church Lighting to LED

PAR38 LED lamps installed at a church

Customer Profile: Salem Covenant Church of New Brighton, Minnesota is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church, a denomination that gathers believers who celebrate a mutual experience of new life in Christ. Goal: Salem Covenant Church hoped to be able to improve their lighting while saving on energy costs. They also wanted to save on maintenance costs […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Office Fixture Retrofit

LED Retrofit Troffer Fixture from P-2

Customer Profile: Located in St. Paul Minnesota, the Industrial Waste & Pollution Prevention (IWPP) section of the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services Division monitors and regulates industrial discharges to the sewer system to ensure compliance with local and federal regulations. The IWPP Section also responds to community sewer issues like spills. These functions protect MCES and community collection/treatment facilities, […]