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Premier Lighting Case Study: 8″ LED Recessed Cans Replacing CFLs

8" dimmable recessed cans

Goal: Victoria Village in Shoreview had some unique issues with their lighting. The hallways were dark when the atrium was not getting enough natural light and their indoor plants were dying off quickly. After some analysis from Bachman’s, it was determined that they were not getting enough light in the planters from the CFL BR30 […]

Kenall Indigo-Clean: Continuous Environmental Disinfection with LED Light

Watch Indigo-Clean lighting work

It is well known that healthcare facilities are reservoirs for pathogens to spread. Current environmental disinfection methods only stay active for certain periods of time. Attaining clean room status is generally a short-lived proposition, as harmful bacteria quickly repopulates the space. Can you believe that the best method for disinfection might be LED lighting? Kenall […]

The LED Tube Flicker Effect

T8 Electronic Ballast Flickering

Prior to the LED lighting transformation, the most common light source in the commercial market was the linear fluorescent lamp. The original linear fluorescent lamp was the T12 which operates on a magnetic ballast. In the early 1990’s the T8 lamp was invented which operates off an electronic ballast. The T8 lamp is much more […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Replacing Parabolic Fixtures to LED Flat Panel

Customer Profile: For over 50 years quality builders have relied on Littfin’s to provide them with all of their engineered wood product needs. By using state-of-the-art technology in engineering software and manufacturing equipment, and employing the finest quality personnel, we have become one of the largest truss plants in the nation. Goal: Littfin Lumber was […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Ballast Bypass T5 LED Retrofit

Customer Profile: It’s been over 128 years since Henry Baldinger’s neighbors enjoyed their first loaves of Baldinger’s bread. And the quality, tradition and integrity that kept Henry’s customers coming back still hold true today. Through four generations, our neighborhood of customers has grown to include many of the world’s premier food companies…and it’s simply because […]

Lumens as a Service?

LED Light as a service

The LED lighting market has been booming thanks to rapid advancements in technology. Despite that, there is still a ton of potential that is left untapped as companies with capital limitations are forced to choose mid-tier LED solutions. Thus in many cases, the high-end LED lighting systems and advanced controls are neglected and businesses lose […]