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LED Recessed Lighting: For Commercial and Residential

For decades, recessed lights (also known as can lights or downlights) have remained a favorite choice for modern, streamlined lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, basements, and in commercial spaces. They are used for both accent and general lighting, and because they are relatively compact, they work wonderfully in small spaces. One of the latest types […]

Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Solutions: Walkway Lighting

For the third post in our Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting series, we’re going to focus on walkway lighting, which is used as a decorative element and to help people safely navigate a path. Walkway lighting also creates a warm, welcoming ambiance that makes visitors feel comfortable and encourages them to remain on your property. If […]

Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Solutions: Parking Lot Lighting

In our last post, we introduced our new blog series on energy saving outdoor lighting. As mentioned, inefficient outdoor lighting is a huge energy waster and can cause your electric bills to skyrocket. Thus, it’s especially important to choose the right type of lighting for your property, as well as the most energy efficient bulbs. […]

Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Solutions: Building Lighting

When it comes to reducing energy costs, one of the most commonly overlooked areas for improvement is outdoor lighting. This is because outdoor lights are often out of sight and out of mind during working hours, and even when they are noticed, business owners sometimes view them a necessity with little options. In reality, there […]

Light Fights: Induction vs. HID

For the past few blog posts we’ve been running a series of “light fights,” where we evaluate two types of competing light technologies. We explore light quality, energy efficiency, cost, and more to determine the best overall lamp for common applications. In today’s matchup we’re going to compare the well-known and inexpensive HID light against […]

Light Fights: LED vs. Fluorescent

In this post, we’re continuing our “Light Fight” series where we compare two different lighting options used in similar applications. In today’s matchup we have the ever-popular fluorescent bulbs versus the still evolving, yet promising LED lights. Have LEDs already surpassed fluorescents in terms of quality, cost, and energy efficiency? Let’s explore the two technologies… […]

Lighting Legislation Update

In 2007, when the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) was signed into law it resulted in the Department of Energy (DOE) issuing new energy efficiency standards for light bulbs. Although you may not have noticed, since 2012 (or 2011 if you live in California) the DOE has been progressively phasing out some of the […]

LED Lighting Efficiency

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, have been around for years, but only recently evolved to the point where they became useful as a lighting solution. Now, thanks to their high-quality light and energy efficiency, they are some of the most popular lights on the market. How efficient are they? LEDs use about 85% less electricity […]