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Premier Lighting Case Study: High School Swimming Pool LED Lighting

200 watt LED pool rated fixtures

Goal: There were many reasons Spring Lake Park High School wanted Premier Lighting to take a look at their pool lighting to see if LED was a viable option. Not only was the existing lighting setup producing less than ideal results, but re-lamping was a costly endeavor. Assessment: The lighting closest to the pool consisted […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Recessed Downlights

Customer Profile: The Lino Lakes YMCA offers group exercise classes, personal training, swim lessons and other great fitness and community building programs. Facilities include great amenities like a fitness center, aquatics (including an indoor pool, sauna and waterslide), gym, outdoor walking trails and much more. Goal: The YMCA in Lino Lakes had a primary goal […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Auto Dealership LED Lighting Solution

Long's Auto after LED Light Fixtures

Customer Profile: Long’s Auto Place is proud to have served the St. Paul community since 1981. In 2001, a complete tear-down and construction of a new facility, including service bays, has allowed them the ability to serve their customers even better. Goal: The intention of Long’s Auto Place was to install a new outdoor lighting system that better […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Custom Church LED Lighting

Customer Profile: For over 150 years, St. Michael Catholic Church has been serving the St. Michael, MN area with an orthodox faith centered on prayer, service and Sacramental life. Goal: St. Michael Catholic Church was looking for a new LED lighting solution that would result in energy and maintenance savings while maintaining or bettering their sanctuary’s […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Retrofitting Church Lighting to LED

PAR38 LED lamps installed at a church

Customer Profile: Salem Covenant Church of New Brighton, Minnesota is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church, a denomination that gathers believers who celebrate a mutual experience of new life in Christ. Goal: Salem Covenant Church hoped to be able to improve their lighting while saving on energy costs. They also wanted to save on maintenance costs […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Office Fixture Retrofit

LED Retrofit Troffer Fixture from P-2

Customer Profile: Located in St. Paul Minnesota, the Industrial Waste & Pollution Prevention (IWPP) section of the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services Division monitors and regulates industrial discharges to the sewer system to ensure compliance with local and federal regulations. The IWPP Section also responds to community sewer issues like spills. These functions protect MCES and community collection/treatment facilities, […]

Replacing Fluorescent Ice Arena Lighting with LED Lighting

Retrofitting Hockey Arena with LED Light Fixtures

Lakeville Ice Arena replaces their 1,000 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures with LED Over the last 10 years Premier Lighting has retrofitted many ice rink facilities from HID (high intensity discharge) lighting to fluorescent lighting with excellent results. The fluorescent solution for ice rinks typically reduced the energy cost by 50% or more, improved the light […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: HID Pole Light LED Retrofit

Customer Profile: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is a Christian restorationist church that is considered by its followers to be the restoration of the original church founded by Jesus Christ. The church is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has established congregations and built temples worldwide. Goal: Those in charge […]