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What Makes an LED Bulb Flicker and How to Solve the LED Flicker Effect

With fluorescent lighting gradually being displaced in favor of LED, many thought the days of dealing with flickering lights were over. Despite flickering being less present in LED than with fluorescent systems, it is certainly still a factor. What are the causes of this, and are there solutions? Types of Flickering There are two types […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Fluorescent to LED Cooler Lights

Customer Profile: County Line Liquor in Forest Lake, MN is a full service liquor store that has been a Premier Lighting customer for several years. In the past, Premier has retrofitted their T12 fluorescent fixtures to T8 lamps, and more recently installed LED BR30 lamps in their wine room. The latest lighting upgrade included replacing their […]

Keystone Type B LED PLL Lamps 2G11 Base 40W Fluorescent Replacement

Type B LED PLL Lamps Internal Driver

Conventional Fluorescent PLL lamps now have an LED equivalent that is able to bypass the ballast and wire direct to line voltage. Keystone Direct Drive LED PLL lamps come equipped with an internal driver, ensuring there is no need for a ballast or LED driver to operate the lamps. 17W LED replaces standard FT40/2G11 PLL […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Library Retrofit

Customer Profile: The Chisago Lakes Library in Chisago City is part of the East Central Library System and serves primarily the Chisago Lakes Area of Chisago City, Lindstrom, Center City, Shafer and Taylors Falls as well as the other surrounding townships. Goal: As with many buildings relying on local outside support, conserving dollars and supporting […]

8 Foot LED T8 Replacement for T12HO T8HO R17d Base

Finally there is an easy solution for retrofitting 8′ T8HO and T12HO fluorescent lamps. Commonly found in sign lighting among other commercial applications, T8HO and T12HO fluorescent lamps have an R17d double recessed contact base. Trying to retrofit these fixtures with standard LED T8 lamps can be troublesome, particularly in fixtures where changing the socket […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Optimization Project

Customer Profile: Enterprise Rent-A-Car was founded in 1957, named after the WWII aircraft carrier the US Enterprise, on which the company founder served during the war. Today Enterprise has operations in over 30 countries with over 7,20 locations. In Minnesota, Premier Lighting has been proud to assist with lighting at several Enterprise locations. Goal: Enterprise […]

Keystone High CRI LED Tube, the First 90 CRI LED T8

90 CRI LED Tubes

We have had many requests for 90 CRI LED T8 lamps and now there is finally a solution, with Keystone’s high CRI LED Tube hitting the market. Currently available only in Direct Drive configuration, otherwise known as Type B or ballast bypass. Constructed with the same shatterproof glass coating design as Keystone’s other LED T8 […]

Keystone FutureFit LED Module/Driver Kits

Keystone's LED Sconce Retrofit

The award-winning FutureFit series from Keystone enables you to convert your legacy fixtures into energy-efficient LED systems. Each Retrofit Kit includes the appropriate Keystone LED driver, module and mounting accessory for an easy installation process. No need to guess on bulb replacements or buy a costly new fixture, simply FutureFit! Keystone’s Linear FutureFit Kit is designed […]

Health Concerns from LED Street Lighting?

Is LED Street Lighting bad for humans?

In June of 2016, the American Medical Association (AMA) released a statement that some LED lights are harmful when used as a street light. The official AMA statement on the effects of LED street lighting has caused quite a stir in the lighting industry. There have been several responses from lighting organizations debunking the AMA […]

Before You Blame the LED…

In the early stages of LED hitting the lighting market, a common phrase came with the purchase of an LED bulb that colored the perception of buyers. “Lasts a lifetime”. This misnomer was created years ago by early manufacturers to entice shoppers to convert to LED, back when the cost of even a standard A19 […]