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Get a Grip on Lighting Podcast

With the rapid advancement of LED lighting there are a lot of questions and issues that come up, but not always a lot of discussion within the industry. As a response to that, Premier Lighting’s own Greg Ehrich and a colleague of his have formed a lighting focused podcast that will tackle these topics. The […]

Why Are There Utility Incentives and Rebates For Lighting Retrofits

Minnesota State Energy Office

In the last several years, concerted efforts have been made to lower energy use and CO2 emissions. Part of how this gets accomplished at the state level is by providing incentives to lessen upfront costs associated with making the necessary changes. In Minnesota, the Next Generation Energy Act of 2007 was developed by the Conservation […]

Total Lumens vs. Delivered Lumens

Delivered Lumens vs. Total Lumens

Total lumens has been a long-used term in lighting to describe the total light output of a given light source. Now it is common to see delivered lumens in it’s place, particularly with LED products. Understanding the difference between these two terms will help explain one of the reasons for the ascension of LED technology […]

Scotopic vs. Photopic Ratio

This article on Scotopic vs. Photopic vision is the first in a series of three that will look into how we perceive and analyze the light that we see. Human perception of any lighted environment is influenced by both Scotopic and Photopic vision. However, only Photopic vision is considered relevant to light metering. Photopic Properties Known […]

Xcel Energy Lighting Rebate Efficiency Partner Award

Premier Lighting was recently recognized by Xcel Energy as an area leader in helping customers achieve outstanding energy savings. One of our goals has always been to not only provide the best lighting solution for our customers but to also work hand-in-hand with energy companies like Xcel to reduce energy usage through lighting. Official press release from […]