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Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Senior Housing Lighting

Of all the industries discussed in our Lighting Application Series, none need lighting optimization more than eldercare facilities, including assisted living, independent living, and skilled nursing care. This is because seniors have unique lighting needs and can experience major health, and mood benefits by having illumination designed especially for their eyes and by using sleep […]

Lighting Application Series: Efficient Multi-Housing Lighting

There are three main concerns about the lighting in and around multi-housing property. Namely, multi-housing lights must promote safety, be attractive, and be efficient. These factors are of utmost importance, because owners and property managers need to provide a safe, aesthetically pleasing space if they hope to attract and keep quality tenants. However, no one […]

Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Financial Services Lighting

Similar to the other industries in our lighting application series, those in the financial services can utilize lighting to improve their business on multiple fronts, including enhancing customer experience, growing productivity, and saving money and energy. The payoffs that come from using energy efficient luminaires in a strategic layout are significant and something even the […]

Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Industrial Lighting

By now we’ve covered quite a few businesses in our lighting application series, and many of those posts have revolved around how to use lighting to draw in people and create a positive customer experience. Today’s topic, lighting for industrial spaces, is a little different, since, for the most part, the lighting in these applications […]

Lighting Application Series: Smart Hospitality Lighting

For this week’s post in our ongoing Lighting Application Series, we’re tackling the hospitality industry — a business where customer impressions and satisfaction are everything. Top notch service and amenities are generally viewed as the key to the customers’ hearts, but neither of those things is possible without smart hospitality lighting. With that in mind, […]

Lighting Application Series: Smart Auto Dealership Lighting

It’s time for our next post in our Lighting Application Series, and this week we’re focusing on the auto dealership industry. Auto dealers have to think about lighting more than most industries, simply because they use a lot of it and it can really drive sales. After all, there’s nothing more alluring than a new car shining like a […]

Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Retail Lighting

There is arguably no other industry where lighting has such a direct influence on sales than in the retail industry. Smart lighting helps shoppers notice your store, feel comfortable going inside, and makes your products stand out and look appealing. Considering all these benefits and more, we decided to make intelligent retail lighting the focus […]

Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Office Lighting

This week we’re continuing our Lighting Application Series with a discussion on intelligent office lighting. Office lighting is especially unique, because it has to fulfill several goals simultaneously, including illumination, energy efficiency, employee comfort, and being aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention, lighting requirements vary significantly depending on what area of the office needs illumination. With […]

Lighting Application Series: Intelligent School Lighting

Because every industry has unique lighting needs, we’re beginning a series of posts that cover the best lighting solutions for some of the most common applications. For our first post in the series, we’re going to discuss the ever-important category of school lighting. Optimizing school lighting is so critical because it not only has the […]