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Keystone ComboDrive2 – Double-End Wired Dual Mode LED T8

Keystone Combo Drive 2 Double-Ended

Keystone’s ComboDrive2 LED T8 can be powered by your existing Instant Start or Program Start Electronic Ballast as well as wire direct to line voltage. The difference with the ComboDrive2 LED T8 is that it is double-end wired just like a fluorescent, meaning you don’t have to re-wire and replace the socket like you would […]

Keystone Sign Hero 360° LED Tubes R17d Rotatable Base

New LED sign retrofit from Keystone with 360° LED Tubes

LED tubes have grown in popularity vastly over the last few years, but retrofitting fluorescent sign lights has continued to prove difficult. There is little room inside signs to change the socket and not many LED options with an R17d recessed base for using the existing sockets. Worse yet, many signs are double-sided and require […]

Hubbell Sling SG1 SG2 LED Wall Pack with Photosensor

Sling SG1 SG2 LED Wallpack comes with photocontrol

Hubbell’s SG Sling fixture is a slender LED Wallpack that is well-suited for numerous applications, from perimeter/security lighting at commercial buildings to entrances and stairwells at schools. Smaller Sg1 series replaces 100W-150W HID while the larger Sg2 series LED wallpack replaces up to 150W-250W HID lamps. The Hubbell SG comes standard with photocontrol, a real benefit which […]

Keystone Direct Drive X2 Tubes – Single End or Double End Line Voltage

Ballast bypass LED T8 lamps have become the most popular option for retrofitting linear fluorescent bulbs. But what hasn’t been decided yet is which install method is preferred, single-end wiring or double-ended? Better yet, what if there was an LED T8 that could do both? With Keystone’s release of the Direct Drive X2 LED T8, […]

Green Creative Warm Dim Series LED Lamps 2700K-2200K

Green Creative Warm Dimming LEDs

Green Creative’s Warm Dim LED Series create the same ambient effect seen from incandescent light sources. As the LED lamp is dimmed down the color temperature gradually lowers, going from 2700K down to 2200K. This allows them to work well in residential, hospitality and other applications where ambience is desired. Green Creative offers LED warm […]