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GE Type C LED T5 Lamps w/ GE Lightech Driver

GE LED T5 Type C with Lightech Driver

Rid yourself of inefficient and cumbersome fluorescent T5 systems by retrofitting your existing fixtures to GE’s Type C LED T5 tubes. These LED T5 tubes operate with a GE Lightech Driver that can run 1-4 lamps. These LED drivers also allow for dimming functionality with a 0-10V dimmer, allowing you to customize and save even more […]

Green Creative CLICK Series Surface Mount Ceiling LED Downlights

new CLICK series LED Downlights

Green Creative’s CLICK Series surface mount LED downlights may be the most unique luminaire in their class. These edge-lit LED downlights feature SootheOptic low glare technology that reduces high-angle light and minimizes visual glare. Each surface mount downlight has a 90+ CRI for applications that demand accurate color rendering. They are also wet rated, dimmable, […]

Litetronics IP65 Waterproof LED High Bay

Litetronics Waterproof LED highbay

The new Litetronics Waterproof LED High Bay fixture makes it easy to improve lighting in any high ceiling application. It features a compact yet rugged design that allows it to function through the rigors of tough environments like warehouses and gyms. IP65 waterproof and dustproof to suit any indoor or outdoor application. Litetronics’ LED Highbay is […]

Keystone Type B LED PLL Lamps 2G11 Base 40W Fluorescent Replacement

Type B LED PLL Lamps Internal Driver

Conventional Fluorescent PLL lamps now have an LED equivalent that is able to bypass the ballast and wire direct to line voltage. Keystone Direct Drive LED PLL lamps come equipped with an internal driver, ensuring there is no need for a ballast or LED driver to operate the lamps. 17W LED replaces standard FT40/2G11 PLL […]

8 Foot LED T8 Replacement for T12HO T8HO R17d Base

Finally there is an easy solution for retrofitting 8′ T8HO and T12HO fluorescent lamps. Commonly found in sign lighting among other commercial applications, T8HO and T12HO fluorescent lamps have an R17d double recessed contact base. Trying to retrofit these fixtures with standard LED T8 lamps can be troublesome, particularly in fixtures where changing the socket […]

Keystone High CRI LED Tube, the First 90 CRI LED T8

90 CRI LED Tubes

We have had many requests for 90 CRI LED T8 lamps and now there is finally a solution, with Keystone’s high CRI LED Tube hitting the market. Currently available only in Direct Drive configuration, otherwise known as Type B or ballast bypass. Constructed with the same shatterproof glass coating design as Keystone’s other LED T8 […]