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TCP The Good Life Warm Dim LED Filament Bulbs

TCP Good Life LED Filament Lamps are the ultimate solution for mimicking the look and behavior of the traditional incandescent. They combine the LED filament style with the warm dimming capabilities of the TCP Allusion Series. This warm dimming technology allows the lamps to dim down from 3200 Kelvin down to an ultra warm 1800 […]

Waterpark LED Lighting – Swimming Pool LED Lighting

new lighting for Waterpark of America MN

New LED Lighting for Radisson Waterpark of America Optimizing lighting for a waterpark or pool is never simple. Most of the fixtures need to be wet location listed and others require damp location due to the humid nature of a swimming pool environment. Further complicating matters is when a light burns out. Maintenance becomes costly […]

Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Retail Lighting

There is arguably no other industry where lighting has such a direct influence on sales than in the retail industry. Smart lighting helps shoppers notice your store, feel comfortable going inside, and makes your products stand out and look appealing. Considering all these benefits and more, we decided to make intelligent retail lighting the focus […]

Use Lighting to Make Your Retail Products Shine

Considering we’re currently in the heart of the holiday shopping season, you’re likely searching for all the best strategies to help your products stand out and catch the eyes of potential customers. While you’re shuffling through your Rolodex of marketing strategies, don’t forget about the power of well-placed lighting. You can use it to give […]