Eiko LED Highbay/Lowbay Replacement Lamps w/ Vertical Base

Replacement HID highbay lamps with LED!

If you have highbay or lowbay fixtures with HID lamps hanging down (vertical base), you can now convert these to LED with Eiko’s LED HID replacements. These LED lamps bypass the ballast and wire direct to 120-277V line voltage, allowing you to eliminate the ballast as a future fail point. LED replacement wattages come in 75W, 115W and 120W, replacing anywhere from 150W and 250W HID fixtures all the way up to 400W HID. All come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and 50,000 rated life. 400W HID LED replacement is DLC rated.

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Eiko LED115WB40KMOG-G7

Eiko LED115WB50KMOG-G7

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