The Superior Design of New Nano Plastic LED T8 Tubes

new Nano construction LED T8 lamps

Every year there are new breakthroughs in the LED market and one of the popular new technologies for 2017 have been Nano LED T8 lamps. Despite LED T8s growing in popularity, everyone in lighting is aware how prominent linear fluorescent lamps still continue to be.

When they first hit the market, LED tubes were constructed in plastic/aluminum coating or a glass design. Each had their own benefits as well as downsides. Glass had a wide beam spread, but would break easily and not be safe for various applications. Plastic/aluminum LED tubes were safe and durable, but lacked the wider beam spread of the glass and were generally more expensive. More recently coated glass tubes were thought to be the best option, but they still have a tendency to break frequently (thankfully, the coating keeps the shattered remains in place).

The superior design of Nano LED tubes compared to Teflon and PET coated glass lamps shows in many ways. The rugged design of thermoplastic Nano Polycarbonate LED tubes ensures they are protected against accidental breakage during shipment or install. Drop tests at 2 meters show these nano tubes are able to withstand the punishment without breaking.

Nano-plastic tubes are not prone to becoming out of shape or bending due to to working long hours under high temperatures. This is due to nano plastic’s superior thermal conductivity. They are also able to sustain their lumen levels much better as well as preventing discoloring.

With millions of linear fluorescent fixtures still operating, the race to deliver the optimal linear LED equivalent will go on for some time. But Nano Plastic LED tubes are now the benchmark.

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