Energy Focus Redcap Emergency Kit w/ Flicker Free LED T8

Energy Focus Redcap LED T8

A new LED T8 option has hit the market that has caught the eye of many large institutions that wish to install true flicker-free LED T8 lamps. Energy Focus has developed a flicker free LED T8 that comes backed with a 10 year warranty on each lamp and rated at 60,000 hours.

Included in this package is 1 Redcap Emergency Lighting System – an LED T8 with an emergency battery backup. This means these LED T8 lamps can be used as standard lighting and with the Redcap battery powered emergency backup, the end user is covered in the event of power loss. Upon loss of power, the integrated batteries and emergency driver kick in to provide a minimum of 90 minutes of light. The standard input end powers the lamp in normal mode, and the emergency input end charges the batteries and senses the presence of AC power. Batteries charge even when lamps are off.

This system otherwise acts as a Type B LED T8 where the ballast is bypassed and the LED T8 lamp is wired direct to the non-shunted sockets. Available in 200 Series (1 Redcap and 10 Tubes), 300 Series (1 Redcap and 5 Tubes), or the 500 Series (1 Redcap and 4 Tubes). 200 Series is a 15W lamp at 120 LPW, 300 Series is a 13W lamp at 130 LPW, and the 500 Series is an 11W lamp at 150 LPW. All lamps available only in 4000K at this time.

To learn more about this system or if you are ready to order, head to this link on our shop -> Energy Focus Redcap LED T8

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