GE 1000W HID LED Replacement Bulb Type B Ballast Bypass

1000W HID Replacement from GE

LED HID replacements, also know as LED Omni Cobs/Corn Cobs, have been around for several years. But there hasn’t been a true 750W or 1000W HID LED replacement bulb until now.

GE has developed a 1000W HID LED replacement bulb which allows you to bypass the ballast in your existing fixture and wire direct. This further reduces energy use and eliminates compatibility issues as well as the prospect of having to supply and maintain a ballast within the fixture. Rated for 50,000 hours with a 5 year warranty and suitable for open and enclosed fixtures. Tether, support kit and in-line fuse included. Driver with internal fuse provides 6 kV surge protection. Available in 270W 40,000 lumens (750W HID replacement) or 450W 65,000 lumens (1000W HID replacement).

Order below:

GE 93095547 LED270BT56/740

GE 93095553 LED270BT56/750

GE 93096445 LED450BT56/740

GE 93096547 LED450BT56/750

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