GE 4′ Type C High Lumen LED T8 70,000 Hours

High Lumen Type C LED

New advancements in Type C technology from GE have resulted in possibly the most powerful LED tube on the market. GE’s new Type C High Lumen LED T8 pair with GE Lightech drivers and deliver 2700-2800 lumens per tube. They are also rated at 70,000 hours, over 2x as long as your average fluorescent T8 and 20,000 more hours than most linear LEDs. As an added feature, these Type C LED tubes can be dimmed with a 0-10V dimmer. Available in 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K and best used with GE’s 2-lamp and 4-lamp dimming drivers.

Order below:

GE 62406 LED21T8/G4/835HL

GE 62407 LED21T8/G4/840HL

GE 62408 LED21T8/G4/850HL

GE 60041 2-lamp Dimming Driver

GE 62030 4-lamp Dimming Driver

Lutron NovaT NTSTV-DV 0-10V Dimmer

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