GE Type C LED T5 Lamps w/ GE Lightech Driver

GE LED T5 Type C with Lightech Driver

Rid yourself of inefficient and cumbersome fluorescent T5 systems by retrofitting your existing fixtures to GE’s Type C LED T5 tubes. These LED T5 tubes operate with a GE Lightech Driver that can run 1-4 lamps. These LED drivers also allow for dimming functionality with a 0-10V dimmer, allowing you to customize and save even more energy.

Traditional T5HO fluorescent lamps have 5,000 initial lumens while GE’s LED T5 lamps deliver 4,500 lumens. When considering that a good portion of the fluorescent light is wasted within the fixture, it is likely that you can replace a fluorescent T5 for LED T5 one-for-one and come away with more light. Each tube comes with a 5 year warranty and are rated at 50,000 hours. Simple install process that will save you from the long-term maintenance costs associated with fluorescent systems that burn out quickly and require frequent re-lamping.

270° light distribution for a wide spread. Available in 2′ and 4′ as well as various color temperatures. See below for all options. Note again that these GE LED T5 lamps do not operate on your existing fluorescent ballast but instead use an external GE Lightech Dimming Driver.

2 Foot LED T5

GE 76150 LED15T5/G/2/830 2′ 3000K 13W LED T5

GE 76164 LED15T5/G/2/835 2′ 3500K 13W LED T5

GE 76129 LED15T5/G/2/840 2′ 4000K 13W LED T5

GE 76167 LED15T5/G/2/850 2′ 5000K 13W LED T5

GE 76192 LED15T5/G/2/865 2′ 6500K 13W LED T5

GE 38974 LED15T8/DR/D2L 2′ 2-lamp LED T5 Dimming Driver

GE 38975 LED15T8/DR/D4L 2′ 4-lamp LED T5 Dimming Driver

4 Foot LED T5

GE 91976 LED36T5/G/4/835 4′ 3500K 31W LED T5

GE 91977 LED36T5/G/4/840 4′ 4000K 31W LED T5

GE 91997 LED36T5/G/4/850 4′ 5000K 31W LED T5

GE 63126 LED36T8/DR/D2L 4′ 2-lamp LED T5 Dimming Driver

GE 92013 LED36T8/DR/D4L 4′ 4-lamp LED T5 Dimming Driver

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