Green Creative Warm Dim Series LED Lamps 2700K-2200K

Green Creative Warm Dimming LEDs

Green Creative’s Warm Dim LED Series create the same ambient effect seen from incandescent light sources. As the LED lamp is dimmed down the color temperature gradually lowers, going from 2700K down to 2200K. This allows them to work well in residential, hospitality and other applications where ambience is desired. Green Creative offers LED warm dimming in an A19, B11 chandelier bulb, R20, BR40, and now in an LED downlight as well.

Cloud Series warm Dim LED bulbs

Green Creative 6.5R20DIM/8CCTD

Green Creative 10.5BR40DIM/8CCTD

Green Creative 5B11DIM/8CCTD

Green Creative 11DL6DIM/8CCTD

Green Creative 9.5A19DIM/8CCTD

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