Keystone 0-10V Dimmable LED T8 Tubes Direct Wire

Keystone 0-10V Dimmable LED T8 Lamp

Keystone Technologies has developed a new Direct Drive LED T8 lamp that is dimmable on 0-10V. These 0-10V dimmable LED T8 lamps bypass the ballast and wire direct (also known as Type B or Direct Wire). Constructed with a blend of plastic/aluminum, these LED T8 lamps have a 120° Beam Angle and are shatterproof. Available in 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temps, with lumen outputs of 1950-2100 on 18W.

Previously, Keystone’s Direct Drive LED T8 tubes wired to the line voltage on one end and the other side was essentially a lamp holder. With the 0-10V LED tubes, the non-live end has the low voltage wiring that runs to a 0-10V dimmer like the Lutron NovaT NTSTV-DV. These LED T8 lamps are not to be confused with Keystone’s Forward Phase Dimming LED T8 lamps that have been available for some time and dim on 120V line voltage.

Keystone 0-10V LED T8 Tubes

Keystone KT-LED18T8-48P-835-D-VDIM

Keystone KT-LED18T8-48P-840-D-VDIM

Keystone KT-LED18T8-48P-850-D-VDIM

View Keystone 0-10V LED T8 wiring diagram below:


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