Keystone ComboDrive2 – Double-End Wired Dual Mode LED T8

Keystone Combo Drive 2 Double-Ended

Keystone’s ComboDrive2 LED T8 can be powered by your existing Instant Start or Program Start Electronic Ballast as well as wire direct to line voltage. The difference with the ComboDrive2 LED T8 is that it is double-end wired just like a fluorescent, meaning you don’t have to re-wire and replace the socket like you would in a single-end wired application. This makes it quite possibly the most versatile and easy to install LED T8 in the market.

Available in 4′ length and color temps of 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. At 14W it delivers up to 1700 lumens (wattage and lumens will vary if you are using your existing ballast).

For each option, see below:

Keystone KT-LED14T8-48G-835-X2

Keystone KT-LED14T8-48G-840-X2

Keystone KT-LED14T8-48G-850-X2

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