Keystone DX2 Single/Double-End LED T8 lamps now in 4′ 10.5W 15W 18.5W


Earlier in 2018 Keystone released DX2 Direct Drive LED T8 lamps that could be installed via double-ended or single-ended wiring. So if your existing sockets were in good shape, you could bypass the ballast and keep the existing double-ended wiring. Likewise, if you wanted to install a new socket and re-wire to one end, the tube was capable of this as well. This versatility in install drew favorable responses and in turn they have expanded the DX2 series. 2′ and 3′ lengths are now available in DX2, and the 4′ options are now 10.5W, 15W, and 18.5W. All are available in 3500K-5000K with some being available in 3000K and 6500K too (generally stocked less especially 6500K).

Keystone 2′ DX2 LED T8 lamps:

Keystone KT-LED7T8-24GC-830-DX2
Keystone KT-LED7T8-24GC-835-DX2
Keystone KT-LED7T8-24GC-840-DX2
Keystone KT-LED7T8-24GC-850-DX2
Keystone KT-LED7T8-24GC-865-DX2

Keystone 3′ DX2 LED T8 lamps:

Keystone KT-LED12T8-36GC-835-DX2
Keystone KT-LED12T8-36GC-840-DX2
Keystone KT-LED12T8-36GC-850-DX2

Keystone 4′ DX2 LED T8 lamps:

Keystone KT-LED10.5T8-48G-830-DX2
Keystone KT-LED10.5T8-48G-835-DX2
Keystone KT-LED10.5T8-48G-840-DX2
Keystone KT-LED10.5T8-48G-850-DX2

Keystone KT-LED15T8-48GC-830-DX2
Keystone KT-LED15T8-48GC-835-DX2
Keystone KT-LED15T8-48GC-840-DX2
Keystone KT-LED15T8-48GC-850-DX2
Keystone KT-LED15T8-48GC-865-DX2

Keystone KT-LED18.5T8-48GC-835-DX2
Keystone KT-LED18.5T8-48GC-840-DX2
Keystone KT-LED18.5T8-48GC-850-DX2

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