Keystone FutureFit LED Troffer DoorFrame 2×2 2×4 Retrofit Kits


Keystone continues their FutureFit line with the new LED DoorFrame Troffer Retrofit Kit. These are commercial grade retrofit kits with a contemporary design that can be used to upgrade 2×2 and 2×4 recessed fixtures without modifying the fixture housing. Install is smooth, as the video at the bottom attests. They are also compatible with Keystone SmartSafe Emergency Backups if emergency lighting is needed.

Each kit is available in 3500K, 4000K or 5000k color temp and comes with 0-10V dimming standard. DLC rated for 50,000 hours with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. 2×2 LED retrofit kits are at 23W 2930-3070 lumens while the 2×4 LED retrofits come in two different wattages –  30W 3750-3910 lumens and 36W 4680-4890 lumens.

For more info and to order, check the links below:

Keystone KT-RKIT23-22D-835-VDIM 2×2 3500K

Keystone KT-RKIT23-22D-840-VDIM 2×2 4000K

Keystone KT-RKIT23-22D-850-VDIM 2×2 5000K

Keystone KT-RKIT30-24D-835-VDIM 2×4 3500K

Keystone KT-RKIT30-24D-840-VDIM 2×4 4000K

Keystone KT-RKIT30-24D-850-VDIM 2×4 5000K

Keystone KT-RKIT36-24D-835-VDIM 2×4 3500K

Keystone KT-RKIT36-24D-840-VDIM 2×4 4000K

Keystone KT-RKIT36-24D-850-VDIM 2×4 5000K

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