Keystone Sign Hero 360° LED Tubes R17d Rotatable Base

New LED sign retrofit from Keystone with 360° LED Tubes

LED tubes have grown in popularity vastly over the last few years, but retrofitting fluorescent sign lights has continued to prove difficult. There is little room inside signs to change the socket and not many LED options with an R17d recessed base for using the existing sockets. Worse yet, many signs are double-sided and require a light that emanates 360°.

Keystone Sign Hero LED Sign Tubes are the perfect solution for retrofitting any fluorescent sign to LED. They come with a rotatable R17d base, ensuring you can re-use the existing sockets within the sign. Optical lenses are added to cover each individual LED chip in the tube, eliminating hot spots and allowing for consistent, 360° light distribution across both sides of the sign. Another big plus is that Keystone’s Sign Hero LED bulbs have an internal driver while other LED solutions require the use of an LED driver or ballast, which adds to the overall cost and creates another failure point.

Interested? Links to order are at the bottom or check the video below to see just how easy it is to retrofit your existing fluorescent sign to long-lasting, 50,000 hour LED (backed by Keystone’s 5 year manufacturer warranty).

Keystone Sign Hero 360° LED Tubes:

Keystone 18″ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 2′ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 30″ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 3′ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 42″ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 4′ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 5′ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 64″ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 6′ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 7′ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 8′ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 9′ LED Sign Tube

Keystone 10′ LED Sign Tube

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