LED Replacement Questionnaire for High Ceiling Applications

Premier Lighting has received hundreds of inquiries from electricians, business owners and churches around the United States regarding our custom LED replacements for high-ceiling lighting applications. This includes 300 Watt PAR56 Retrofits, 500 Watt PAR64 Retrofits, Ellipsoidal Fixture LED Replacements, Fresnel LED Replacements, T3 Halogen LED Replacement, E11 Halogen LED Replacement, and much more! All of our LED options are dimmable and work with most dimming systems, though with all the dimmers out there we always advise testing.

Due to the volume of requests, we have created a questionnaire below for some preliminary questions. This will help us better serve you in finding the best LED solution for your particular situation. Any questions or comments feel free to post in the notes at the very bottom!

Premier Lighting - High Ceiling Church Questionnaire

  • High Ceiling Lamp Types


    t3-halogenpar64par56 e11-base-minican

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg.