Lumens as a Service?

LED Light as a service

The LED lighting market has been booming thanks to rapid advancements in technology. Despite that, there is still a ton of potential that is left untapped as companies with capital limitations are forced to choose mid-tier LED solutions. Thus in many cases, the high-end LED lighting systems and advanced controls are neglected and businesses lose out on the additional savings and the benefits of such a system.

To combat this, a new business model has arrived that is similar to how solar has hit the market. Very few homeowners could afford a solar installation, that is until Solar companies made it possible for installing a solar rooftop system without needing to purchase it. They simply charged the customer for the power that the system produced monthly and in turn solar panels began to sprout everywhere.

Enter LaaS – Lumens as a Service. Imagine implementing any lighting system available at no upfront cost. Instead, you would be paying a 3rd party for a certain specified lighting service. This could include a certain lumen output in addition to controls like sensors and dimming (many of which can now be controlled off-site), all taken care of by the 3rd party installer. Certainly there are some issues to this method of upgrading lighting, from contractual complexities to lack of control for the end user. But for many commercial business owners, this option opens up possibilities that were once unattainable and it could result in LaaS following the path of solar to help deliver state-of-the-art LED lighting and control systems.

On that note, although the idea of Lumens as a Service is exciting and full of potential, is that the correct name? Lumens are defined as the total amount of light given by a light source in space and are important to determine the result you will get, but they are not the result. Lux (or footcandles in the US) is the term used to define how much deliverable light you get in an application and is a much more appropriate term to use. Only time will tell where this concept goes, but if it does take off be on the look out for Lux As A Service.

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