Premier Lighting Case Study: Indoor Race Track LED Retrofit


Customer Profile:

At ProKART Burnsville, our RiMO EVO6 Race Karts are run on power-boosting, low-emission, renewable methanol for a true racing experience. Complete with a dual-circuit hydraulic brake system, adjustable seats, weight compensation system, and more, we know you’ll be blown away with their consistency and performance. Experienced pro or first-time driver, there’s something for everyone!


In 2014, ProKart of Burnsville contacted Premier Lighting about options to retrofit the T12 fluorescent fixtures in their shop and storage area, and to change the race track 400W metal halide fixtures to a more energy efficient lighting fixture. The entire facility was switched to 32W T8 fluorescent lamps, with 6-lamp fixtures in the race track area. The result was $5,700 in energy savings for a 72% ROI.

This year, as the T8 lamps and ballasts neared end of life, ProKart again called Premier and asked about LED lamps for the track area. Premier proposed 18.5W direct-wire T8 LED lamps for the 6-lamp fixtures, bypassing the ballast to eliminate future maintenance issues.


Before: 32W T8 Fluorescent


After: Retrofitted to 18.5W LED T8


With the retrofit finished, ProKart was set to benefit from $3,300 in energy savings and $3,400 in maintenance savings. This resulted in an ROI of 119% with a 0.84 year payback! All while greatly increasing the race track’s light levels!


  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • Increased Light Quality
  • Increased Light Levels
  • Improved Quality Control
  • Longer Lasting Products = Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Light Level and Color Uniformity
  • Consolidated Product
  • Enhanced Image
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Leveraged Rebates

Premier Lighting:

Our mission at Premier Lighting is to provide our customers with the optimal and practical lighting system. No matter what the industry – hospitality, health care, educational, retail, industrial – we can deliver solutions to every vertical market. We understand the needs of your organization and have served others like you in the past. If you are interested in the optimal lighting solution for your facility, complete this form and we will promptly reply.

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