Premier Lighting Case Study: Lino Lakes YMCA LED Retrofit

Recessed Can LED Lighting for Lino Lakes YMCA

Customer Profile:

The Lino Lakes YMCA offers group exercise classes, personal training, swim lessons and other great fitness and community building programs. Facilities include great amenities like a fitness center, aquatics (including an indoor pool, sauna and waterslide), gym, outdoor walking trails and much more.


Having already retrofitted the Lino Lakes YMCA’s recessed cans a few years back, Premier was called back to provide an LED solution for the remainder of the building. The Y had energy reduction in mind but also wanted to improve light output. In particular they needed to at least match the required footcandles in the pool area. They also had other fixtures around the building that were hard to access and they were hoping to retrofit them to LED to reduce the frequency of re-lamping.


Within the pool area, inefficient wall-mount pool fixtures were corroding and burning out at an alarming rate. The Y needed a long-lasting LED solution that would deliver 30 footcandles on all areas of the water. Premier opted to remove the existing fixtures altogether and replaced them with LED vaportight fixtures with marine-grade stainless steel hanging kits.

The fitness area had linear fluorescent fixtures with sockets that were so tight that the bulbs and/or sockets would break when changing a bulb. An LED retrofit kit was chosen for these to bypass the socket issues.

Other areas in need of an LED replacement were the exterior parking lot lights, T5 fluorescent fixtures in the gym and dimming capability was needed in the studio areas. All of these fixtures were retrofitted to an equivalent LED.


Before: HID Wallpacks


After: New LED Fixtures


After: New LED Area Lights


There was a lot to retrofit but Premier had solutions for each application. The new LED vaportight fixtures were rated at ambient heat levels of 131° F to withstand the pool setting. A lighting layout was produced to ensure the perfect fixture lumen package was chosen to achieve the footcandle requirements needed on the water.

The fixtures with the socket issues in the fitness areas were retrofitted to LED with a troffer retrofit kit to simplify long-term maintenance while delivering brighter light levels and a more uniform color output. The T5 HO lamps in the gym were retrofit to LED T5 HO-equivalent bulbs with new electronic T5 ballasts for long-term maintenance savings. Type C LED T8 tubes were used in the studio area to allow for 0-smooth 10V dimming. Lastly, the inefficient exterior pole lights and wallpacks were retrofit to new LED fixtures or bulbs for improved light levels.

After converting every fixture to LED, the Lino Lakes YMCA saved 14.4 KW for a total energy reduction of 42%!


  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • Increased Light Quality
  • Increased Light Levels
  • Improved Quality Control
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs with Longer Lasting Products
  • Achieved Better Light Level and Color Uniformity
  • Enhanced Image
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Leveraged Rebates

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