Premier Lighting Case Study: AAA Auto Parts Warehouse Retrofit


Customer Profile:

AAA Auto Parts is an automotive recycler in the Twin Cities area that has access to any auto part. Their goal for the last 30 years has been to make finding the right, quality recycled part as easy as possible for their customers.


Having high-level rack warehouses that store over 45,000 square feet worth of auto parts, AAA understands the value of having a warehouse that is well lit. They also pride themselves on being green. So while Triple A knew that going to LED could result in savings, they also intended to add some light to their warehouse. Premier was called in to analyze the viability of LED retrofit solutions with a focus on balancing energy and maintenance savings with added light levels.


Light levels within the facility were less than ideal in various parts of the warehouse. The aisles were poorly lit, making it hard to distinguish the items on the shelves. Naturally with the linear fluorescents AAA did have, their light levels had decreased over time and required ballast/re-lamping maintenance. Premier came in and suggested retrofitting the office and warehouse from 32W fluorescent T8 lamps to 18W LED T8 lamps that bypassed the ballast. They also took note of certain trouble areas that would need additional LED fixtures for some extra punch.


Retrofitting the T8 fixtures in the warehouse and office resulted in a 57% reduction in energy use. Some additional LED fixtures were added to throw more light in the problem areas of the warehouse. The result was AAA doubled their footcandles and payback was set for 2.75 years.

32 Watt Fluorescent T8

Before: 32W Fluorescent T8 Tubes


After: 18W Type B LED T8 Tubes


  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • Increased Light Quality
  • Increased Light Levels
  • Improved Quality Control
  • Longer Lasting Products = Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Light Level and Color Uniformity
  • Enhanced Image
  • Environmental Impact
  • Rebates

Premier Lighting:

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