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Keystone FutureFit LED Troffer DoorFrame 2×2 2×4 Retrofit Kits

Keystone continues their FutureFit line with the new LED DoorFrame Troffer Retrofit Kit. These are commercial grade retrofit kits with a contemporary design that can be used to upgrade 2×2 and 2×4 recessed fixtures without modifying the fixture housing. Install is smooth, as the video at the bottom attests. They are also compatible with Keystone SmartSafe […]

Keystone ComboDrive2 – Double-End Wired Dual Mode LED T8

Keystone Combo Drive 2 Double-Ended

Keystone’s ComboDrive2 LED T8 can be powered by your existing Instant Start or Program Start Electronic Ballast as well as wire direct to line voltage. The difference with the ComboDrive2 LED T8 is that it is double-end wired just like a fluorescent, meaning you don’t have to re-wire and replace the socket like you would […]

8 Foot LED T8 Replacement for T12HO T8HO R17d Base

Finally there is an easy solution for retrofitting 8′ T8HO and T12HO fluorescent lamps. Commonly found in sign lighting among other commercial applications, T8HO and T12HO fluorescent lamps have an R17d double recessed contact base. Trying to retrofit these fixtures with standard LED T8 lamps can be troublesome, particularly in fixtures where changing the socket […]

Keystone LED Ubend 6″ Leg Spacing 18W Type B Replaces 32W Fluorescent

New Type B LED Ubends from Keystone

Keystone now has an LED T8 Ubend that bypasses the ballast and wires direct, replacing conventional fluorescent Ubends with 6″ leg spacing. At 18W, these lamps save approximately 40% more energy than standard F32T8 lamps. Integral driver within the LED Ubend lamp eliminates the need for an external ballast or driver. Constructed with shatterproof coated […]

Keystone IP64 Wet Rated HID Metal Halide Replacement LED Corn Cob

100w metal halide E39 replacement with 20W LED

Upgrade your existing HID fixtures with Keystone’s Direct Drive HID LED Lamps. Utilizing the latest in LED technology, these lamps are both efficient (efficacy of 140+ lm/w for most) and durable (50,000 hours with 5 year warranty). Suitable for use in enclosed fixtures. They are also IP64 rated with an integrated heat sink that quickly […]

22W High Output LED T8 Bypass Type B Fluorescent Replacements

Ballast Bypass Keystone LED T8

Now available are Keystone’s 22W high output Type B LED T8 tubes. Type B LED tubes, also known as Direct Drive or Bypass, have become the most popular LED retrofit solution for fluorescent T8 and T12 lighting. An internal driver allows these LED T8 lamps to bypass the existing fluorescent ballast, for added energy and […]