TCP Dimmable LED PL Lamps Vertical G24 Base

Dimmable LED PL from TCP

TCP is known for their wide variety of LED lamps but it wasn’t until recently that they released an LED PL lamp. TCP LED PL lamps are unique in that they are constructed in a BR30/BR40 shape, making it ideal for use in vertical applications. G24q/GX24q base type to replace existing 4-pin CFL lamps. Uses the existing CFL ballast for plug-and-play operation. They are also dimmable with compatible 0-10v dimming CFL ballasts. Available in 2700K-5000K color temps and various wattages, making it a viable replacement for 4-pin CFL lamps from 13W and 18W all the way up to 26W, 32W and 42W CFL lamps.

For each option, see below:

TCP L9PLVD5027K 9W 2700K LED BR30 PL

TCP L9PLVD5030K 9W 3000K LED BR30 PL

TCP L9PLVD5041K 9W 4100K LED BR30 PL

TCP L9PLVD5050K 9W 5000K LED BR30 PL

TCP L17PLVD5027K 17W 2700K LED BR30 PL

TCP L17PLVD5030K 17W 3000K LED BR30 PL

TCP L17PLVD5041K 17W 4100K LED BR30 PL

TCP L17PLVD5050K 17W 5000K LED BR30 PL

TCP L19PLVD5027K 19W 2700K LED BR40 PL

TCP L19PLVD5030K 19W 3000K LED BR40 PL

TCP L19PLVD5041K 19W 4100K LED BR40 PL

TCP L19PLVD5050K 19W 5000K LED BR40 PL

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