Ushio Indiglow 3000677 F18T8BLB 18W LED T8 Blacklight Fluorescent


As LED T8 bulbs have increased in popularity, it has become harder to find fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent blacklight bulbs are no exception as not many vendors stock them and no LED options have been available. That is until now, as the Ushio Indiglow LED T8 lamp is available to replace 30W and 32W blacklight fluorescent lamps (like the F32T8/BLB).

The Ushio Indiglow lamp is a 4′ LED T8 lamp that is compatible with existing instant start and rapid start ballasts, making it a quick plug-and-play option if your ballast is compatible. Indiglow 405nm LED chips deliver a safe black light output for entertainment venues of all kinds. The glass tube construction allows for a wide beam spread and will not discolor, bend or become brittle over time.

If you have fluorescent black light bulbs that are shorter than 4′, like an F15T8/BLF15T8/BLB or F4T5/BL, there aren’t any LED retrofit options for those yet. Check the links above for pricing on linear fluorescent blacklight blue bulbs.

32W Fluorescent T8 Blacklight Blue Tubes

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