Lighting Retrofit

Through Premier Lighting’s retrofit services, existing facilities can enjoy the full benefits of energy efficient, modern lighting. Such upgrades not only provide better quality illumination but also deliver short- and long-term savings through rebates, tax incentives, and lower energy costs. Don’t assume high electric bills are simply part of doing business. Instead, have us evaluate your current system to determine potential sources of savings.


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  • Better Quality Illumination
  • Rebates and Tax Incentives
  • Lower Energy Costs
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Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit

  • Increases light levels and enhances light quality
  • Decreases lighting energy use by 50% or more
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Provides rebates (as much as 60% of whole project)
  • Eligible for tax savings (as part of 2005 Energy Policy Act)
  • Boosts worker productivity
  • Enables better quality control
  • Easier operation (instant on/off)
  • Safety
  • Better for environment
  • And more!


How We Work With You – The Process

At Premier Lighting, we offer turn-key lighting retrofit solutions, which means we take care of everything — start to finish.

Lighting Energy Analysis

We’ll walk through your facility to examine your current fixtures and controls and pinpoint areas that are underperforming or wasting energy.

Comprehensive Lighting Retrofit Proposal

Our detailed proposal will include a complete analysis of your current system along with:

  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Material costs
  • Installation costs
  • Recycling/disposal costs
  • Possible rebates
  • Suggested products
  • Design layouts
  • Energy, Tax, and maintenance savings
  • Project payback time and ROI


After given approval, we’ll provide and install the necessary materials, properly dispose/recycle removed fixtures, and even process the appropriate rebate paperwork. We also have a follow-up service to guarantee all workmanship and products are to your satisfaction.

Why Premier Lighting?


We have years of experience in the lighting industry and have successfully completed thousands of retrofit projects. Our retrofits are found in warehouses, retail stores, industrial buildings, gymnasiums, schools, churches, outdoor settings, and in numerous other locations. Essentially, there isn’t a lighting situation we haven’t seen, which gives us the knowledge and expertise to give you the highest quality results.

At Premier Lighting, we are committed to our customers and work hard to save you money while delivering innovative lighting products. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.