Keystone ComboDrive2 – Double-End Wired Dual Mode LED T8

Keystone Combo Drive 2 Double-Ended

Keystone’s ComboDrive2 LED T8 can be powered by your existing Instant Start or Program Start Electronic Ballast as well as wire direct to line voltage. The difference with the ComboDrive2 LED T8 is that it is double-end wired just like a fluorescent, meaning you don’t have to re-wire and replace the socket like you would […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Metal Halide Highbays to LED

Columbia LWS LED High Bay Fixtures

Customer Profile: White Bear Machine opened for business in 1968 in White Bear Lake, MN. What began as a smaller custom parts manufacturing shop quickly grew to a high tech, high capacity operation that required larger facilities. Today, WBM is housed in a 30,000 square foot facility serving national and international markets. From this facility, […]

History of the LED Tube

Millions of LED tubes have been installed in the US since their introduction about 5 years ago. Yet the LED tube has undergone many changes throughout that relatively short period of time and surely we can count on more changes ahead. As we take a look at the history of the LED tube, we find […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Outdoor Metal Halide Retrofit to LED

Customer Profile: Mohawk Moving & Storage has been a trusted adviser to thousands of customers in thousands of locations. Their experience encompasses 75 years of professional moving, packing, transporting and storage services. Goal: Mohawk has been calling Premier Lighting once or twice a year for the last several years to service outdoor lights that needed […]

Best Lighting Fails of 2017

As we move forward into 2018, we would be remiss if we didn’t share some of the most spectacular lighting applications witnessed over the last year. There are some truly resourceful lighting designers out there and they deserve their time in the spotlight. A new take on the tried and true strip fixture. Glare will be […]

Keystone Sign Hero 360° LED Tubes R17d Rotatable Base

New LED sign retrofit from Keystone with 360° LED Tubes

LED tubes have grown in popularity vastly over the last few years, but retrofitting fluorescent sign lights has continued to prove difficult. There is little room inside signs to change the socket and not many LED options with an R17d recessed base for using the existing sockets. Worse yet, many signs are double-sided and require […]