Hubbell Sling SG1 SG2 LED Wall Pack with Photosensor

Sling SG1 SG2 LED Wallpack comes with photocontrol

Hubbell’s SG Sling fixture is a slender LED Wallpack that is well-suited for numerous applications, from perimeter/security lighting at commercial buildings to entrances and stairwells at schools. Smaller Sg1 series replaces 100W-150W HID while the larger Sg2 series LED wallpack replaces up to 150W-250W HID lamps. The Hubbell SG comes standard with photocontrol, a real benefit which […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: ISD196 Bus Garage LED Retrofit

Customer Profile: District 196 is located in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It is the fourth largest school district in Minnesota, serving approximately 28,000 students and more than 150,000 total residents. The district’s 110 square miles encompass all or part of the cities of Rosemount, Apple Valley, Eagan, Burnsville, Coates, Inver Grove […]

Keystone Direct Drive X2 Tubes – Single End or Double End Line Voltage

Ballast bypass LED T8 lamps have become the most popular option for retrofitting linear fluorescent bulbs. But what hasn’t been decided yet is which install method is preferred, single-end wiring or double-ended? Better yet, what if there was an LED T8 that could do both? With Keystone’s release of the Direct Drive X2 LED T8, […]

How do LED Optics Work?

How do optics work with LEDs? Many think it is simply the plastic lens on the top of the bulb covering the diodes that disperses the light. However when you dig deeper into the components, there is more to it. In taking a closer look at the LED diodes themselves, they have an outer casing. This […]

Xcel Energy LED Rebate Changes Coming Soon…

As LED technology has evolved, both in terms of product availability and pricing, Xcel Energy will be making changes to their Lighting Efficiency Rebate program which will go into effect on November 1, 2017. Some LED rebate categories will expand, providing customers with a greater choice of rebate-eligible products, while others will decrease to reflect […]

3 Types of LED Color Tuning

Full color tuning with Ketra's LED System

As the requests for controls in lighting increase, particularly with LED, there have been numerous ways manufacturers have taken advantage of color tuning technology to meet the demands of the end user. Customers often struggle with deciding what color temp lamp to purchase. What if you could easily change between 3000K-4000K-5000k with a simple switch? […]

Premier Lighting Case Study: Indoor Swimming Pool LED Lighting Retrofit

natatorium environment LED equivalents

Customer Profile: The Williston Fitness Center is owned and operated by the City of Minnetonka and features an indoor swimming pool/splash pad, tennis courts and many other amenities. Goal: The current lighting environment consisted of T8 and T5 fluorescent as well as 1000 watt metal halide fixtures that were difficult to access and maintain. In addition, […]