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Everline LED Sign Tubes Replace T8HO T12HO Fluorescent Lighting

LED Tube Lighting for Signs

If you have T8HO or T12HO fluorescent lighting, you now have an easy way to retrofit this to LED. Everline’s LED Sign Tubes utilize 24V constant voltage which allows for simple class II wiring. 90° adjustable RDC style endcaps for correct lamp orientation. This ensures you don’t have to change sockets to a normal LED T8 socket which […]

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting – ASL LED Area Pole Light

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting ASL LED Pole

Hubbell’s ASL Area/Site Luminaire is designed for roadway, retail, and other area/site lighting applications. Compact design that is available in multiple LED configurations. The ASL is capable of replacing up to 400W HID luminaires. Simple install with included universal mounting block for easy pole installation. Also available with mast arm option for 2-3/8″ OD roadway brackets. […]

22W High Output LED T8 Bypass Type B Fluorescent Replacements

Ballast Bypass Keystone LED T8

Now available are Keystone’s 22W high output Type B LED T8 tubes. Type B LED tubes, also known as Direct Drive or Bypass, have become the most popular LED retrofit solution for fluorescent T8 and T12 lighting. An internal driver allows these LED T8 lamps to bypass the existing fluorescent ballast, for added energy and […]

LED PL and LED T8 Combo Drive Technology is here

ComboDrive LED T8 lamps

A much-discussed LED technology has finally come to fruition. There are now Combo Drive LED T8 lamps in the marketplace that work on both line voltage and with fluorescent ballasts. In the past few years, many lesser-known and new to the market manufacturers with minimal lighting knowledge attempted to design lamps in hopes of being the first […]

Everline 2×2 and 2×4 LED Tube Retrofit Kits

Everline Universal LED Retrofit Kits

Another option for retrofitting your 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent luminaires to LED are the Everline LED Tube Retrofit Kits. Fast and easy install that bypasses the ballast; no redesign of fixture or revised layout needed. Includes two lensed modules that provide broad, even lighting distribution and an LED Everline driver that allows for 0-10V dimming down […]

LED Horticultural Lights vs. Traditional HPS Grow Lights

NutriLED LED fixture

With each passing day, LED’s dominance in the lighting market grows exponentially. Thus it should be no surprise to learn that horticultural lighting is phasing out inefficient traditional high pressure sodium for superior LED grow lamps. Energy-efficiency and light output are factors in this, as they always are. But as we learn more about the […]