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Everline 2×2 and 2×4 LED Tube Retrofit Kits

Everline Universal LED Retrofit Kits

Another option for retrofitting your 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent luminaires to LED are the Everline LED Tube Retrofit Kits. Fast and easy install that bypasses the ballast; no redesign of fixture or revised layout needed. Includes two lensed modules that provide broad, even lighting distribution and an LED Everline driver that allows for 0-10V dimming down […]

LED Horticultural Lights vs. Traditional HPS Grow Lights

NutriLED LED fixture

With each passing day, LED’s dominance in the lighting market grows exponentially. Thus it should be no surprise to learn that horticultural lighting is phasing out inefficient traditional high pressure sodium for superior LED grow lamps. Energy-efficiency and light output are factors in this, as they always are. But as we learn more about the […]

LED Circadian Rhythm Lighting and MyNature Bulbs

Lighting Science’s “Sleepy Baby” biological LED lamp is developed with children and parents in mind. The Sleep Baby A-lamp will help control your child’s internal clock, readying them for bedtime. It produces a color that simulates darkness, yet provides enough light for caring for the child. Definity Digital’s “Good Night” bulb works with your body’s […]

LED Barn Yard Lighting Replacements from Maxlite

One of the hottest new items from Maxlite is their LED barn lights. These area lights are designed replace 150-175W Metal Halides and High Pressure Sodium bulbs while using a fraction of the energy. Featuring a prismatic lens to replicate the look of the lights they are replacing, Maxlite’s LED barn lights have an efficacy of […]

HyLite LED Arc Cob Bulbs

Arva Hylite LED Arc-Cob

HyLite LED Arc-Cob Bulbs are high-powered, energy efficient LED replacements for use in a variety of new or existing light fixtures. Tremendous energy and maintenance savings when retrofitting in place of Incandescent, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, Compact Fluorescent and High Pressure Sodium bulbs. Arc-Cobs feature 180° optics with a rotatable base, enabling users to direct […]

Should You Replace Your T8 Fluorescent Lamps with T8 LED Tubes? (updated)

For years, lighting indoor commercial spaces was a no-brainer. Most folks simply went with linear fluorescent lights (LFLs) — and for good reason. They have quality light output, are one of the most efficient light sources available, and have decent lifespans. This is especially true of the T8 lamps, which use about 40% less energy […]